A blogging experiment

I’ve started blogging from my Blackberry, using the WordPress app. The previous blog entry was the first trial run. One of my problems is that my inspiration frequently comes when I am not sitting in front of a computer, or even a netbook. So I will mull over things in my head, jot down some notes, and then lose track  of the idea when I arrive home and never get around to posting it. But in my mind, I had “written” the note so the urgency was gone. It cuts the creative flow. Using my Blackberry as my initial writing tool at least allows me to post an outline, a couple of paragraphs, or whatever, and then come back to them when I get to my computer and fill in the holes. I don’t think the BB keyboard lends itself to extended writing, but it is convenient so we’ll see where this tool takes us.

2 thoughts on “A blogging experiment

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