A yoga blog challenge

Book cover art: Baron Baptiste seat in a yoga pose
Setting aside 40 days to dive deep into your practice
My daughter is doing the “30-Class Challenge” at Flow Yoga in April and Thrive Yoga is going to have a “40-Days to Personal Revolution” following the Baron Baptiste regime, starting on April 30. I don’t know if I can fit the time requirements for this type of physical challenge into my routine, but I am willing to turn it around, and put my own challenge on the Web: I will blog my yoga-meditation experience for 30 days in a row, starting as of April 6 since I already have four days when I’ve written something. As with the yoga challenges, you are allowed to double (or triple) up sessions to make up for a missed day or two so I could technically go back to April 3 if I write two entries in a day with just an extra blog entry.

Why am I resorting to this gimmick? I’ve slacked off my writing (both online and on the page) over the past year because I lost my drive to expose my practice. My practice had become more internal and needed some silence time so that it could mature and deepen. Now I feel that the time has come to re-encounter my yogic expression in words. Hopefully, I will not have many days like yesterday when I try to describe yoga poses and human anatomical mechanics as they apply to me. I just wanted to put up a picture and save a lot of words. More important is what goes on in my head and heart.