After six years…

This weekend I have focused on relaunching this weblog. But before getting my hands dirty with coding or redesigns or features, I had to take a crash course on WordPress. Fortunately, I had access to and I could watch a couple of modules on managing a WordPress system. I also had to figure out how to import all my postings in the old Blogger blog. It proved to be straightforward once I understood the process. I have a habit of skipping steps in a complicated procedure and then having to circle back to clean up the mess that I made.  The only downside to the conversion was the all the internal links and graphics point back to the old site, but at least I don’t have to go back looking for random broken links.

A time-consuming task was trying to find an appropriate design theme that would be suited to my blend of photography and writing. I ended up choosing Smooth [the template’s author site has disappeared] from WordPress Gallery.   At this point, I was not looking for perfection, just something with sufficient flexibility so that I could change it over time as I gained experience working with WordPress.

Still pending is how I integrate the non-chronological pages of the Prana Journal with the new blog-centric design. I don’t know if my regular visitors can find this blog easily.

One thought on “After six years…

  1. Hi! Glad to find the new site. Were/Are you able to ftp to wordpress? Do you use a particular program to do your html programming, or just using the wordpress features.

    When my daughter went off to the Peace Corps two years ago, we switched from blogger to wordpress for her adventures. I also did some blogging when I went to visit her in Mongolia, and duplicate some of my blogger yoga sites over to wordpress. But for my regular site, I used ftp, and still do. I guess I just really the ftp option!

    Thanks for the updates! Yoga with Gaileee

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