Another goof — this one lasting 10 days — but a bigger lapse hit this blog.

On April 4, WordPress automatically updated my WP installation, and something broke. It was probably one of my plugins or the security settings that interfered, but the site stopped working. When I noticed the stoppage a few days ago, I could not even get into the admin panel. I had to remove all plugs and then get things back into working order. Since I have been ignoring this blog, there are a lot of tasks that have piled up.

Over the past 18 months, blogging has not been my top priority, to say the least. I have been making some of the most significant changes in my professional career, creative roadmap, personal mindset, and daily habits. I have had to focus on a narrow set of priorities to get through this transition. I have also had to pay a price by shortchanging activities that keep me grounded, focused and healthy, including slacking off on yoga and exercise.

I hope to write about this transition, but it will require some processing to get the right perspective and remove the extraneous details. I will keep you posted.