Back in the groove

I have not been posting much recently because I had so much to say backlogged in my head that I did not know where to start — so I did not. There’s a personal contradiction for you.

On the white sands of Salomon Bay beach, St. John, VI

My skin is as white as the sands on Salomon Bay beach, St. John, US Virgin Islands.

My wife and I also took a quick trip to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, for four days so I was out of circulation for a week. A couple of days getting ready, and then a couple of days to recover. There’s another layer of overwhelm that can get in the way of writing. And I get all tied up in knots when I travel so there’s another issue to deal with. But sandwiched between the prep and the flying were two days spent chilling on the beaches, Magens Bay on St. Thomas and Salomon Bay on St. John. When we lived in Peru, the Pacific Ocean beaches were something that we took for granted and enjoyed every summer; now residing in the States, beaches are out of easy reach. The Caribbean is just a world apart. There is nothing as mellow as the sound of the surf against the shore. Lots of sun screen to keep from being burned to a crisp, and keeping covered up when not on the beach. During the day, St. Thomas tends to be overrun by day visits from the cruise ships that dock every day in Charlotte Amalie, but the rest of the time, a visitor has plenty of room to enjoy the place. We took a 45-minute ferry to St. John on the second day and came back in the evening. It was worth the trip because more than half of St. John is a US National Park and contains one pristine beach after the other. According to National Geographic magazine, we were told, Magens Bay beach is the number 3 beach in the world. If that’s the case, then, there are a dozen other VI beaches that deserve a similar ranking.