Bad week for mind-body connection

I’ve been dealing with a cold all this week. I spend Wednesday in bed, and today I tried to get up for work, but my body gave out as I was preparing breakfast. I went to work on Tuesday, and spent most of the day feeling brain dead. All of my faculties were focused on how bad my body was feeling so I could not concentrate on my work. This is a case of where the body’s feedback to the brain is dominant. With so much time spent nursing my cold I can feel some of the gains of my 40-day renewal slipping away.

What made matters worse was that Monday evening and Tuesday morning, I found myself confined in a Red Line Metro train (or waiting) for 90 minutes  each time because of technical difficulties that disrupted my commute. Monday, I did not get back in time for a yoga class (I wasn’t feeling sick yet).

Coda: I went back to work on Friday and felt as if I was dragging my body around the whole day. I dread my next class on the mat because I am definitely depleted.