Cashing in on my yoga fame.

I’ve joined the affiliate program at Manduka, as should be obvious from the banner under the “masthead. I was actually surprised that I was accepted because Manduka tends to accept yoga studios and online retailer, plus their Ambassadors who are teachers that endorse their line of products. I may not be a teacher, but I really like the eKO yoga mat line, which I’ve used for nearly two years. It’s heavy and bulky (I can’t see many girls carrying it to class), but it has not shown any sign of wear. Sweat does not penetrate the surface, which is an advantage in cleaning, just a damp cloth is needed. On the other hand, sweat pools on the surface and after a hot vinyasa yoga session, it can get slick. That’s why I also use their line of eQUA towels. Manduka’s got all the angles covered.

Another factor is that I want to shake up my web presence a bit. I’ve been online for over more than five years, and I need to take a new approach. I am planning on switching my hosting service and doing a redesign sometime before the end of the year. Adding an affiliate program and revamping the other ads on the site will make it more of a challenge. It’s not that the income is even going to recoup the costs of maintaining the site. We’re talking about 10-20 bucks a year. It’s more to motivate me to get moving.