Catching my breath

I got back from Miami about 2:00 am on Saturday. I had a brand new desktop computer waiting for me at home so I spent Saturday installing all my programs and transferring files. About 6:00 pm, I started getting error messages from Windows 9 and finally I could not get it to boot up. After several attempts to roll back, I decided to start over from scratch because I could not determine what the cause was and I did not want a potential problem hanging over me in the future. I reinstalled Windows 7 and then reinstalling my applications. I also took precautionary measures so that I could more easily roll back the configuration and have backup copies. Nothing was lots was my time and energy. Nothing like disaster to make you exercise good computing practices.

With all the things that I have been trying to juggle, this additional setback meant that I did not make it in to yoga this past weekend. While in Miami, I had lots of opportunities to practice my mindfulness, but I did not make it to the fitness center, the pool or my yoga mat, except for some abbreviated routines on Thursday evening. This kind of meeting tends to suck all the energy out of me, and I become a zombie — which is precisely why I should have been reserving time for yoga, but that’s typical of how things fall apart.