Correcting broken links

To my shame as a web developer, I found out that the new site had a total of 180-plus broken links. Most of them were created by the switch-over from a static site to a dynamic site, but others were dead links to external pages or sites that no longer existed. Many internal links, like pointing to other blog entries, images, etc., were broken. Over the past two weeks, I’ve cut them down to practically nothing [Update: now two.]. It’s a slow and boring job. I am constantly tempted to detour to other tasks, like generating new content, adding links to resources, making comments or correcting misinformation. It’s hard to know if it improves the user experience (many pages are buried deep in the chronological order), but it still has to be done. Luckily, WordPress has some plugins that make the exercise a lot less painful than in the old days by compiling a broken link list and giving me direct access to them through the WP dashboard.