Five days without a yoga class

Photo: yoga class in Rockville MD
The flow takes her at a different pace than the rest of the class

Despite promising myself that I would take advantage of slack activity at work (everyone seems to be traveling or cloistered in week-long meetings) to go to a few evening class, I managed to make it through the week without going once to Thrive Yoga. I found it hard to get out of work at 5:30. Family issues cropped up. My mom had her 92th birthday. And then, yesterday, I got all wrapped up in the blog entry about Yoga Journal. What was supposed to be quick, short entry during my lunch break turned into an evening-long exploration of U.S. yoga history through magazine covers and the Internet.  I had to force myself to press the publish button last night and go to bed.

I guess that was my own yoga lesson last night: get in the flow and let the creative juices run their course. Yoga is not just the posture practice.