New features in DC Yoga

I’ve been working to enhance the content in the DC Yoga directory. For years, I did not have any more than a handful of yoga studios from Northern Virginia. By the sheer force of logic, I’ve accepted the need to give a more representative selection of studios (but I still can give personal references because I don’t visit those studios). By the same token, I’ve decided to include a Prince Georges County section (coming soon!). I am also upgrading Montgomery County and District of Columbia listings. It’s going to take a while to update all the pages because it’s not simply a question of flipping a switch, and I’ve got other pressing tasks that need my attention.

More significantly, I’ve implemented maps for the three existing listings. Google Maps makes it relatively easy to locate a studio and then save the location to a specific map. Maps make it easier to locate studios geographically, and also tell a lot about the social distribution of yoga. I’m surprised that others have not done it. I’ve actually started an early experiment 18 months ago, but did not have the time to follow through on it and the conversion to WordPress deleted the link on the page because of formatting issues.

Amazing what you can do when inspired at midnight — and how you can put off all the other tasks to another day.