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I’ve made some changes in the web site by switching to the standard WordPress theme. I was feeling frustrated by several aspects of the theme that I had installed when I started using WordPress. Three columns within a 940 px format did not give me enough space to display photos adequately. They were usually thumbnails, which really doesn’t showcase the photography. The Smooth theme does not have drop-down menus, and I wanted to draw more attention to the page content, as well as the blog postings.

Finally, I was not convinced that the Smooth theme was designed to work with the 3.0 version of WordPress. I now realize that the post comment feature disappeared after I upgraded from version 2.7 to 3.0. (Comments are working now!!) The eye-catching headings (an embossed effect) required several additional JavaScript files and it seemed to slow down the page loading.

So I decided to go back to the standard theme and modify it to my requirements, or eventually design my own layout. Most visitors are not coming here to see innovative web design — it’s my exquisite writing and photos.