Getting back in stride

I ran my three-mile route on the Mall yesterday, finally ample to sustain my pace for the whole distance while welcoming a breather at a couple of stoplights. I did not feel fatigued afterwards, and it cleared up my mind substantially for the afternoon workload. I really think that my employer should pay me for running at lunch hour (well, in a way it does). I still have gone to a yoga class yet. Too many special events (Father’s Day), housekeeping tasks (how dirty a house gets in two weeks’ absence), and work deadlines.

I now really appreciate the set of habits that I welded onto my daily routine to keep me coming back to my yoga and meditation practice. Vacation relieves the stress of daily life, but it also disrupts the maintenance habits. It’s really taken an act of will power to start running again, and hopefully Wednesday evening I get back to Thrive.