Getting something off my chest

I think about writing in this journal far more than I actually type at the keyboard. In the middle of practice, afterwards, as I survey my body and mind, and when I am reading or daydreaming. And then, I let a whole week go by before actually sitting down at a computer and putting together some thoughts. By then, most of the ideas have lost their urgency and I am left staring at the screen. I used to justify it because I was also doing a lot of private journaling, but that has petered out too. Maybe I am just in a nonverbal phase. More likely, there are issues that I simply can’t address here or on paper.

Curiously, over the past few weeks of semi-silence, my hatha practice has really blossomed to the point that I feel I can graduate to Yoga II at Flow Yoga

For the past five years, I’ve been an active blogger, both here and on my other sites, like Peruvian Graffiti and The web has become my preferred medium of expression. When I am not actively engaged in my blogs, I start feeling guilty, somehow flawed.