Great plans, but the body fails

I wanted to do a lot of things this weekend, including writing about what has been happening in my practice. But the time just flew by, and I am exhausted from my morning practice at Thrive Yoga and a workout at the gym — I probably overdid it. The aftermath of my cold this month has really depleted my energy and strength. I came home from the supermarket this afternoon and basically zoned out for three hours. I even nodded off to sleep while waiting for my lunch to cook.

Because my wife has been visiting her family in Peru, I’ve had to survive on my own, which means that I have more chores to do to keep the refrigerator stocked, the household under control and our two cats happy.

But this time on my own has given me a lot of time to read, reflect and explore my yoga practice, writing and changes that have been under way in my life. It’s been a stimulating time, so much so that I’ve been pulled in too many directions. “Focus, focus, you can do this,” I keep telling myself as my body lies me to the couch.