Guilty pleasure

I caught an episode of Glee, the TV show on Fox. My jaw dropped.. It made me reconsider a bunch of prejudiices and simply bask in the tongue-in-cheek fun. I thought that most of the numbers were better than the original pop tunes. Perhaps, it was the dance numbers or the link to the story line in the show. There were still some cringe moments when I had to get up and prepare myself a tea, but in general it was a thoroughly joyful 45 minutes spent in front of the tube.

For the most part, I try to avoid watching TV. The news is just too depressing, turning me morose and raw. Most programs can’t sustain my interest for more than 15 minutes, at most, so I end up flipping through the channels, thus making me watch more than I had originally planned. So Glee actually did a good job of engaging me.