Away from home

I’ve been out of touch for a while, but here are some things that I should have mentioned before:

  • Capital Dharma mentions my DC meditation page in a post about how to keep a meditation practice going.
  • I am currently in St. Petersburg, FL, at a reunion of my wife’s family. We met “half-way” between Ottawa (the farthest north that one of my wife’s sisters reside) and Lima (where her mother lives). A week in the sun, sand and wave never did any harm, even during the Christmas holidays.
  • Although my lodgings has WiFi and Internet access, it seems to be spotty for doing anything more ambitious than checking e-mail. I had to make several tries just to load the WordPress admin page. I can’t promise that I will be posting beyond this because there always seems to be a busy agenda.
  • Before I left on vacation, I had my hands full of end-of-year activities at work so I did not have much time or energy for posting.