Honoring my son

Yesterday, my son Matthew got his Masters in Geography from the University of Maryland. He will start working full-time at the Global Landcover Facility (GLCF) next month. He’s been working there part-time while he was a graduate student, and they saw fit to bring him on staff. Teresa and I went to the graduation at the Memorial Chapel and then a reception afterwards. Finally we took him out for dinner. Matt has grown a lot over the past two years, and it’s encouraging to hear his dreams and ambitions, grounded in humility and honesty. It’s tough forging a career, but he’s earned his achievements.

Matt at his U Md graduation, with parents

On another note, please excuse the spotty performance of this website over the weekend. I upgraded the server to Apache 2 (as well as other security changes) and the modifications had several unforeseen consequences for the site. Hopefully, Interland, my hosting service, will work out the other kinks. All the maintenance issues kept me from putting up new content.