How did this happen?

This past week, I got a message from a friend asking if this site was down. I checked and sure enough, I had left the domain name hanging because the domain registry had an old credit card for automatic renewal. I quickly rectified that mistake, and the site was available again. But I was embarassed further because I had not made a blog entry since March 27. That’s a full month of silence. And that was on top of another month of silence from February 23 to March 24.

How did this happen? Well, life has a way of consuming time:

  • My mother’s fractured pelvis and elbow required her to remain in rehab for six weeks, which threw my parents’ daily structure out the window. My mom still can’t cook. My parents need a lot more help from me and my sister.
  • My wife had to go Peru to see her mother whose health has been slipping, and she ended staying seven weeks. That left me with two dogs and two cats and a household to take care of. Luckily, I had my daughter to share the load with. Luckily, Teresa is coming back on Wednesday.
  • Doing my tax returns, which always requires me to wall myself off from other distractions to get the damn things done in time. This year, I had to do my parents’ taxes for the first time.
  • My 9-5 job demanded that certain tasks be finished on time. I could not take time off because I had to save it for my parents’ doctor appointments.
  • All the other tasks of daily life.
  • Given these time constraints, I had to choose between blogging about yoga or doing yoga — or doing neither. I got in a fair number of classes each week. Sometimes, I’d go without yoga on weekdays; other times, I’d skipped a weekend class to get errands done. Each evening, I always fit int about 15-20 minutes of restorative spinal twists and backbends because I found that it allowed me to sleep more deeply.