I am going to be a star!

Unless there’s a major breaking news story on Friday, June 17, National Public Radio’s Morning Edition program will broadcast a special report on the topic of — well, I’m not entirely sure — yoga, depression, fatherhood — and me, I think.

Last Wednesday, I spent four hours with an NPR reporter, Allison Aubrey who covers the consumer health front, talking about how I got involved in yoga, how it’s helped me deal with my depression, how I share my yoga experience with my daughter, Stephanie, and wife, Teresa. She recorded my Wednesday class, talked to my instructor, then we chatted until 10 at night. Well, Stephanie and I said lots of stuff during 4 hours of recording so I have no idea what the final product will be like. Allison was originally looking to do something on “male baby boomers who belatedly get into yoga” (that’s me), and my yoga studio put us in contact.

Allison came by on Monday to record me doing my breathwork routine, and ask a few more questions. She said that the story looks firm, being pegged to Father’s Day, June 19. I have more information about the exact time, which can probably vary because NPR is broadcast by local stations. I will try to post a link here so that those who can’t listen to NPR can get the story on the Web. Since the story does not fit into a neat news niche, I don’t know if it will appear on the Health and Science page. I will post the link once it become available. Last Friday, there was an interesting piece on cutting, called The History and Mentality of Self-Mutilation, which might give an idea of the style for laid-back end-of-week features.