Photo: by Michael Smith at Thrive Yoga
One foot forward

I have been putting off this transfiguration for months, almost a year, because I knew that I would have to slice off some time to learn how to use WordPress and a new hosting service. There’s always a chance that I’ll slip up and the site will go off line or a visitor will see formatted text. I also have five or six other sites that I will eventually have to switch over to the new hosting service so there’s lots of work waiting for me.

Blogs are great because I don’t have to modify the layout or get mixed up in the inner workings if I don’t want to, and I can focus on writing or photos. I got comfortable with the routine of posting and the absence of major technical hiccups.

Then, I started staring at my old blog format — I picked it out in 2004, made a few modifications and then ran with it. It was one of the formats that Google added to the Blogger inventory when they took over the operation. Although there are aspects that I really like about its design, like the clean, simple typography. But navigation was a bitch, and it could not really use it as an example of my web savvy skills, much less my web authoring capacity. It is an inflexible, and I can’t use the neat features like plug-ins and widgets. I didn’t want to fiddle with the design because it just did not seem to digest my new coding and stylings. If I am going to invest time in getting it right, it should be with a new platform and a clean slate (with an eraser that can wipe away my mistakes).