It’s been a month of blogging — and more

I have completed my 30-day challenge of blogging, starting on April 6. Because I had a double entry yesterday, I came out one ahead of the standard count. There might have been a few days of fluff because I came home late after a practice and did not have a lot of creative juices left in me. I don’t think anything, like an injury or violated secret, has happened to me because of this increased posting. Another milestone is that it’s my 300th posting, but my other blog, La Esquina del Movimiento, has 2,067, since November 10, 2000, compared to April 2004 for this blog.

To prevent this from being pure fluff, I am including a pointer to a site of yoga videos, [MLS: Domain name is not resolving so this address may have lapsed ]. It also has forums, interviews and a Google News ticker. I believe this is the inspiration of Kyra Rider, who has a blog, a yoga demo video site and a yoga studio in southern California. I chanced across her network of sites before and forgot to mention them.