Just trying to help

Last week a colleague at work mentioned that he’d been absent-minded recently and thought he should try meditation to clear his mind. I told him that he was on the right track. I explained a little about my practice and how easy it was to get started with meditating (like falling down is easy). I didn’t want to burden him with the details of why meditating fit my needs or how to do it. I’m not an expert. Later that day, I pulled together some links, some of which are at the bottom of this page, and sent them to him.

That’s one of the reasons that I decided to start up this site — I wanted a repository for my daily discoveries and resources that I chance across on the Web. Some place that I can point to when I want to help out someone — just as I do with Peru or tech. This is like leaving tracks or trail markings so that a traveler can find his way.

I have a diary in which I write my experience from my pranayama and meditation practices. But that’s for my own personal reference — a different set of data than what will be recorded here.