Making up for missed blog categories

Last week, I switch this blog from chronological listing to category because it was supposed to be friendlier for search engines (read Google) and more meaningful than just a chronological list. I did not know what I had unleashed. Aside from the fact that I should have done it when I switched from Blogger to WordPress, I found that I had 275 entries that were not categorized, mainly older blog entries. Plus, there are an untold number of my 700-some entries that have two or more categories ticked off (a no-no). Category is for navigation or a kind of filing system, so you should use only one per entry and keep the structure pretty flat and concise. To add insult to injury, I have not been using tag to clarify content and allow cross-referencing (and also missed a chance to convert my old categories to tags, which might have saved me some work).

So for the past week I have sorting through my journaling of the past six years and classifying them into categories, and when feasible adding tags. I will eventually enabled tags for visitor exploration so it’s benefits will not be visible for the time being. It has been an educational experience because I see where I’ve come from as a yogi and a blogger. I’ve also been able to correct frequent spelling errors. But it has also meant that I have not been adding new content. I’m kind of numb from the repetitive, unstimulating exercise. I’ve broken a bunch of links that I’ll have to go back and correct. I am comforted by the thought that I am doing the “right thing.”