More on the experience — brother’s cancer and yoga

I am a bit hesitant to write extensively about Richard’s experience. Having been told that my brother’s cancer has become terminal, with an estimated 3-6 months left, his struggle becomes an intensely intimate journey in preparation for his final destination. I don’t want to put words into his mouth. It’s also the privacy of Susan, his wife, who is the biggest reason that Richard has lasted this long.

Richard has the strong support of a his church, the Church of the Incarnation, which has a cancer support group and an outreach program that helps him a lot. I went to a Sunday church service with him and saw why he appreciates the congregation’s efforts.

From my time with my brother and my own dealings with disease, I understand why yoga and meditation can play a healing role in any extended, life-threatening illness. So many factors can sap the physical, mental and emotional reserves of a patient that there is a vital need for restoring those assets. Treatment can do some of that work, but yoga and meditation deal with factors that are not touched by traditional medicine.

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  1. Elizabeth was a teacher at Thrive Yoga, who has moved on to Boston. She taught in the Forrest Yoga style, which meant I got my butt kicked.

  2. Michael, I was very sad to hear about your brother. And have missed teaching at Thrive & having the privilege of having you in class. I've blogrolled your blog on mine, listed below, and hope to stay in touch — will keep reading about your pursuits and have your family in my thoughts & prayers.

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