Musical explorations

I have subscribed to the eMusic online music download service. I selected it because it had the most unrestrictive policy on digital rights and an extremely inexpensive subscription system. I pay $10 a month and I can download 30 songs. That can be deceptive because if I want to download Bach’s Goldberg Variations, I am going to buy the equivalent of 32 songs and use up my monthly allotment. But it still comes out less than for most CDs and even the 99 cent per song services.

With eMusic, you are not going to get the latest pop and rock songs on the big labels. I’ve been interested in building up a collection of classical and jazz music, as well as world or New Age stuff that goes with my meditation and yoga. I’ve grown attached to some of the songs that the instructors play during a class. Because eMusic is dealing with a lot of small or independent labels, you’re going to get a mixed bag of talent and repertoire, but it’s going to be interesting exploring what’s available.

Exception to the rule: Paul McCartney is distributing his latest album, Memory Almost Full, through eMusic, among other circuits, so you can get some top-billed musicians.