My parents’ interment

Photo: wedding portrait of Lynn and Lorraine Smith - 1947
June 8 1947 - Wedding portrait

Today happens to be my parents’ wedding anniversary, June 8, 1947. For the next six decades, they were inseparable, soul mates (the over-used cliche that’s appropriate in their case). My dad’s biggest concern in his final years was that he would last long enough to take care of her to the end. With his final words to us, he extracted a promise from my sister Judy and me that we could take care of Mom. My mother’s biggest concern was that she did not want to be a burden to us and she longed to be reunited with her husband. Well, she died three months later, resolving that oath.


In a simple wooden case, their ashes are surprisingly heavy, as is my sorrow. I’ve kept the case here at home for the past two months. Today I will be relieved of having to care for them. My family will lay their ashes to rest together in the garden of the Rockville United Church in a private ceremony. A small plaque will commemorate their resting place, among the flowers, evergreens and shade trees.