Taking a physical beating

When I came home from work last night, I felt completely exhausted and sore. It might have been a bug going around in my family (son, daughter and daughter have all taken ill), but it’s more likely that it just the physical wear and tear coming from the emotional grind of my father’s death. I have been trying to project an image of being steadfast and strong for my mother and the rest of the family so I just keep pushing ahead to get through the memorial service and then get back into the daily routine of life.

It does not help that I have not made it to yoga class since last Friday. Yoga has a way of breaking down pockets of stress and distributing them through the whole body so I may feel sore or tired, but it’s generalized, not focalized. I’ve been doing my evening routine of restorative/yin yoga, but I really need my yang practice, either at home or at a class.

But I did not go to my normal class this morning. I slept in and let myself drown in the silence and solace. I need to visit my mother to see how she’s doing. After that, I want to go to the gym just to get the juices flowing again. The mind-body connection is so pivotal to understand oneself and human kind in general.