Playing catchup

The holidays do not leave a lot of spare time. I have not gone to a yoga session since December 20. I have been doing my daily practice, but light on the hatha stuff. I have concentrated on my personal journaling over the past couple of weeks, and my blogging has taken a back seat. I’ve been digging deep and discovering a lot of things about myself that I had not realized before. Sorry, folks, but the writing is for my eyes only. This coming year I will be focused in on rekindling my creative writing, and I think yoga will play a key role in keeping me grounded and focused in this endeavor.

I have started the e-mail course from Kelly McGonigal. She advertised the course for 2005, all 52 weeks of it. To my surprise, the first contribution turned up in my inbox on December 26. I’ve checked out the material, registered in the online forum and posted my first note as well as my personal introduction. Kelly obviously wants to get a head-start on the new year.