Praise for my peers

Photo: yoginis pause
At Bryan Kest's master class in Thrive Yoga

A shout-out to few bloggers pointing to this site:

Blogging is supposed to be about developing linkages and exploiting the width and depth of the Internet. I tend to write with a self-absorbed focus so I frequently fail to point outwards. Links are also a kind of wink to fellow travelers.

Another reason that I am including them here is that I may be decommissioning the blog roll, which has fallen out of favor in search engine optimization circles — and Google/Bing — because the same links are repeated on each page, thus are a kind of ballot-stuffing in the web popularity contest.  In the blog roll’s place, I am beefing up the yoga bloggers page, which will contain all the old favorites, plus some new ones. I will also be featuring one blog at the top, explaining why I like it and why you should visit it.