Why the silence?

What have I been up to the past six weeks (OMG, has it been that long?) ?

My job has consumed my work hours and a lot of my free time. My organization, the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) has just commemorated the 25th anniversary of its founding, and I’ve been involved in the preparations, which required a lot of writing, editing and problem solving. This past week, I’ve been in Buenos Aires (Argentina) where we held a meeting that including some exhausting, long hours and hard work. In addition to celebrating the anniversary, there was a lot of talking,  pondering and arguing about where the organization should be going in the next 25 years (we all know that drug abuse is not going away). My new boss decided he would put his stamp on the proceedings by delivering a “draft” final report by the last session. Of course, I am who has to write it.

Photo: author seated with lap top in a meeting
Palacio San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thank God I had my personal practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation to hold me together during these times. I am not a university student who can do all -night cram sessions so there were moments when I thought that I was going to flame out. Thankfully, my colleagues and our partners here in BA “manned up” and ensured that we pulled off the event and we delivered a draft final report, English and Spanish versions, to the delegates as they were about to end the meeting.

Last night I got the first full eight hours of sleep in more than two weeks. Today, I am just mellowing out, eating well and recharging my prana batteries. This evening, I will be getting on a flight back to Washington so I hope to be able to resume posting to my blog, reflecting on the stream of life and digging deeper into mind-body continuum.