Stars and storms are aligned against me

I was not able to take in a single yoga class this past weekend because Hurricane Irene blew through the Washington, DC area, Saturday was full of preparation for the storm, and my local yoga shop, Thrive Yoga, shut down for most of the weekend. During a cosmic event, such as a hurricane, it’s best to go with the flow — or at least, equip yourself with a life preserver.

Storm water has flooded my basement far too often so I had to invest time, energy and money in making sure that we diverted as much water as possible away from the house foundation, that we had enough pumping power in the window well to handle seepage, and that there was a backup system in case the power went out. We had power until about 7:00 am on Sunday, and then the electricity went off for about five hours, but by then the heavy rain had stopped. I worked most of Wednesday and then Saturday to put everything in place.

None of the above was a lasting solution, but on short notice, I did remarkably well, considering the intense demand for all hardware supplies. Home Depot brought in a special shipment of Basement Watchdog equipment, which was the key to keeping dry.

Cleaning up a soggy basement is such a drag that it was worth every cent of investment to set up an adequate sump pump system. I am going to have to bring in a landscaper for a definitive solution because my townhouse is the lowest point of the neighborhood so the water accumulates in my backyard, and then seeks to drain out, which happens to be the window well. At times, my backyard can be turned into a swamp.