Summer pilgrimage to the sea

Tomorrow my wife and I will leave early for a few days at the beach. Because Teresa is Peruvian, she grew up with easy access to the Pacific Ocean. While we lived there, we’d go to the beach regularly and Teresa went a lot with just the kids. So now, she lives three hours from the Atlantic Ocean (the Chesapeake Bay does not count) and demands that I satisfy her seasonal appetite for sand, surf and salty air. We will be driving to South Carolina (Don’t ask why we have to go so far). I’ll load up the yoga mats along with the beach towels and cooler. I don’t know if there are any yoga studios any where near where we’re going so I may just have to roll the mats out in our living room.

2 thoughts on “Summer pilgrimage to the sea

    1. Between 11-hour drives, the beach was luscious. Except I had to use physical force to get my wife off the beach and into the car for the return trip.

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