Too much attention to detail

Photo: extended hand reach forward
From a Brian Kest workshop at Thrive Yoga in 2009

I spent the evening fiddling with my blogroll (viewed to the right). My old one was hand-made and insert into the sidebar with a server-side include (a webby technie term, almost as bad as Sanskrit); with WordPress, I have an amazing amount of flexibility and I could probably make it even more feature-rich by adding a widget.

Now that I am back online with a respectable blog, I need to cover my bases, by including links to my favorite blogs, resource sites and yoga studios.

But that means that after doing the laundry, mopping the kitchen floor, and walking the dogs, I barely have enough time to fit in my standard yin yoga route before heading for bed, much less do a respectable sitting of meditation. This is supposed to be a blog about yoga and such, not a tutorial on how to pimp a blog. I will have to remember when I come home for work and not get my priorities get turned upside down.