Watershed in transferring to new system

Today, I made the big move of shifting my blog database over to the root domain (if you need it spelled out pranajournal.com), instead of pointing to blog.pranajournal.com. My big worry was that the transfer would cause the site to be caught in limbo and become inaccessible for a couple of days. Hopefully, all the old bookmarks and hyperlinks for the old site will end up in the root domain. I cannot guarantee that all the old links will go to the correct page in the WordPress site since I am shifting from a static HTML site to a php database, although I do have a permalink system enabled. I am pretty sure that some visitors may have just given up when they ran into a bad link.

There must be a smoother way of managing this kind of site conversion, but I was not able to track it down. I also stretched this whole process out over too much time. I’ve still got work to do, but it should not disrupt the site.

Thanks for your patience.