Weekend practice

Should I go to the beach (involving a 3-hour drive each way) or stay at home to focus on yoga, running (or general fitness) and the pile of chores and tasks that I have to accomplish? I have not got a good answer right now because work is trying up my brain.

Photo: Dana Colen in yoga pose, balancing
Dana Cohen returns to Thrive to lead advanced classes

Next month, Dana Cohen will be returning to Thrive Yoga after globetrotting for six months. Dana’s been in Thailand and India, and probably multiple places between. She and Susan Bowen will be teaching a 3/4-level class at 7:30 on Tuesday evenings during the summer. That will be really challenging; Thrive has had only a 2/3-level classes, though some workshops would probably qualify for the higher level. Since you can never be sure of Dana’s schedule until she shows up in Rockville, Susan will start out the advanced class on June 1.