What a grueling week!

Photo: Road to Botany Bay Plantation, SC
Road to Botany Bay Plantation, SC

My wife was looking for a place t0 spend a short time (3-4 days) on the beach. She has no concept of U.S. geography, much less drive time. So she picks out Edisto Island, South Carolina. Why not? It’s on the East Coast. It should be close to Ocean City, MD, Cape May, NJ,  or Virginia Beach, VA, all places where we’ve gone. Well, Edisto Island is actually close to 600 miles south and 10 hours away, not counting restroom stops, meals, missed turns and calls to the resort to get final directions. It lies a good two hours from the closest I-95 exit.

Of course, it’s my fault for not being more actively involved in the decision-making process. I wanted Teresa to be happy so I let her pick out the spot, and did not think through what it meant in physical wear-and-tear on the body by sitting in a car for that long, even if I did not drive the whole way.

We arrived really late, about 11:00 pm by the time we got to our room. In the morning, I tried to open the Venetian blinds for a view, and they fell on my face. To make matters worse, my wife found Palmetto beetles in the room, insects that bear a strong resemblance to cockroaches, and that makes my wife freak out. Management changes us to better quarters to compensate for the hassle. We got to the beach for a late afternoon sampling of sun and surf, but we were kind of numb from fatigue. So it ended up, that Tuesday was our only full day of beach time.

I made sure that we were not at the beach from noon to 3:00 pm to avoid overexposure. We explored some of the sights, mostly the state park that showcases the ecological environment of barrier islands, sand dunes and coastal swamps. Edisto Island is a resort area that’s built up over the past 30 years. It’s avoided some of the pitfalls of summer vacation destinations.You go to Edisto Island to get away from it all, not fill up your time with amusement parks and bad restaurants.

Wednesday morning, my wife insisted on one last visit to the beach, and I practically had to put a gun to her head to get her into the car. We got a late start and then routed our return through Myrtle Beach because my wife wanted to see what the place was like. It seemed to be all that Edisto Island was not. We were back on the familiar I-95 by 5:00 pm, which translated into arriving home at 2:30 am.

Oh, yeah, and the yoga

I went in to work late Thursday and did the normal Friday, but I was a walking zombie. After work, I took a yin yoga class at Thrive Yoga, which went a long way towards tapping into the raw tension that had stored up in my tissues. Last night, I really slept deeply and did not wake up until it was too late to grab my usual Saturday morning yoga class. I need the rest more than I needed yoga practice.

I could not have made it through the “vacation” without yoga. Every time that we pulled off the highway, I did some stretching and folds to get fresh blood into my muscles. Every night, I was doing 20-60 minutes of yin and restorative yoga just to relieve the muscle soreness.