More whining about plumbing, an aging body and yoga

I woke up this morning feeling sore and stiff. Some of my body issues were due to a  class at Thrive Yoga with Susan Bowen on Sunday that made me awaken under-used muscles. I’ve also increased my time spent cross-legged in meeting my blood vow to devote morning time to meditation.

The other reason was that I finished a remodeling project on our bathroom, requiring the installation of a new wash basin vanity and toilet (I had started the previous weekend). It’s a good thing that I do practice yoga because I had to twist and contort my limbs and torso to reach plumbing fittings. Seating a water-saving toilet over the drain hole appropriately requires a lot of core strength. My brain also got a workout because although plumbing has systematic procedures, parts and tools, they are not readily understandable to novices, even with a do-it-yourself manual available. Multiple trips  to the hardware store were required to get the right parts (I now remind myself to save your receipts). Since I do this kind of work on irregular basis, I never get to acquire the necessary job skills.

My wife’s consolation after reviewing my handy work was “We saved a lot of money.”

This steady siphoning of time and energy into home improvement is the drawback of working at home. I am drawn into home maintenance and improvement projects that I avoided when I had to show up for a 5-9 job five days a week. Of course, a lot of my projects over the past few months were chores accumulated during that time so it was bound to get me sometime or we would have had to hire someone to do it.