Wow, a whole month without writing

It’s hard for me to fathom how I could have gone a whole month without writing here, after practically four years of steady commentary on my personal practice and the happenings of yoga in America and the world. Since my injury, there was a lot more shaken up than just my knee cartilage. Over four years, I structured my life around my yoga practice, focusing on making it to my classes first once a week, then twice, and, in the past two years, four times a week. And I fit the other parts of my practice around that routine — pranayama, meditation, writing here and exploring how the whole experience shaped my life. With the injury, I lost an organizing axis around which my activities circulated. I seem to be able to do less in my day even though I have more “free” time on my hands. Go figure.

In more practical terms, I’ve had some time-consuming and mind-numbing issues with my computer. I had to reinstall my Windows XP operating system twice, and then reinstall my applications and configure the whole shebang according to my working habits. I would not wish that experience on anyone, and it drives home to me the need to be systematic about safeguarding data and taking precautionary measures. And I was supposed to be working on freelance web assignments and other duties during that period. There was at least two weekends, perhaps more, of my free time wiped out. I don’t think I’ve caught up with the backlog of tasks yet.

This coming Friday, I will undergo arthroscopic surgery on my right knee to clean up my medial meniscus tear at George Washington University Hospital. It’s outpatient so I will be home in the evening. I will be on my back for three-four days.