First yoga class in April

I finally went to a yoga class at Thrive Yoga. I had been planning to go, but I really resisted pulling out my mat and driving to the studio. I felt that I did not deserve to reward myself with a class. I was also concerned about meeting friends for the first time since my mother’s death and going through the condolences routine. I have my evening restorative/nidra yoga practice, but that does not do the same job as a full hatha or vinyasa practice.

I could feel all the weakened parts of the body as we advanced through the class, a deliberate hatha sequence focusing on twists — the stiffness in my wrists when I went up into wheel, the quick fatigue in my thighs, the tightness in my shoulders. The list could go on.

I just hope that I can follow this up wth a few more classes during the week before departing for Suriname for a week.