Yoga partners

For the past two Ashtanga classes, I convinced my wife, Teresa, to join in the fun. She had done yoga before she met me, when she was in college in Peru, but she had not followed through on that initial interest. It’s been tough for her because she had just been doing cardiovascular workouts, with some swimming and walking, so she was not prepared for the full body workout. Yoga has left her stiff in places (I am stiff in places too).

Since I’ve been thinking about going on a yoga retreat or cruise, I am going to have to include her in the outing (you would think). She can’t just come along for the sightseeing. In any case, I think she has observed me over the past six months and how I’ve grown with the yoga, the meditation and the pranayama. She doesn’t complain when I disappear for an hour to do my routines. She encourages our children to think about practicing yoga to keep their minds and body pure.

In other words, I would not have been able to get this far without her tacit support.