A weekend workshop

I am taking two two-hour sessions this weekend at Thrive Yoga, led by Simon Park. Simon is a gifted teacher of “Prana Vinyasa Flow, an energetic approach to the flow of yoga offered by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa collective of teachers. He is also an
avid practitioner and teacher of Thai-Yoga Massage,” as the brochure states (sorry, it’s over a megabyte in size).

In the first class, Simon had a calming, steady pace that was easy to follow throughout the whole session. I never felt as if I had to take child’s pose to regain my breath, though there were some advanced poses that I could not attain. He opened with about 20 minutes of pranayama, meditation and easy stretches, making me eager to get into the full vinyasa. He gave some really useful insights into poses, like forearm and hand stands. I’ll see how I make out tomorrow, if I’m not too sore and tight to get out of bed.

Surprisingly, Simon does not have a website, like most teachers who live off of workshops, so I can’t point to a reference. He’s based in Aspen, at At One Yoga.