It ain’t heavy — it’s my mat

I love my Manduka Eko mat because it’s big (71″ x 26″ ), thick (almost a quarter inch) and resilient. It cushions my knees and other pointed edges. It’s like a solid foundation that does not budge when I sink into pigeon pose. But it must weigh seven pounds, but that’s dead weight. I decided that I wanted to take it to the Buddha and the Body meditation retreat, along with my zafu and a blanket. I obviously wanted my yoga equivalent of a “security blanket.” I slung it over the shoulder in a bag that my daughter loaned me for the day.

Large Horizontal #1

What a mistake! Talk about taking my personal baggage to meditation!

Carrying it around on the Metro, to and from the venue, then back home, it turned into an unwieldy anchor hung around my neck. By the end of the day, I staggered to the pickup site at Rockville Metro station so that I could just unload it.

I’ve hauled it to my classes at Thrive for four years and never thought about it twice. But I was throwing it in the back seat of the car, not lugging it around. I will definitely need to find an alternative to it if I no longer have the benefit of driving to my class, workshop or retreat.

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