Hip openers and lower back pain

Over the week­end, I took a Hip Opener work­shop at Tran­quil­Space. It was a two-​​hour work­out, dou­ble what I nor­mally take. The instruc­tor was Kevin Waldorf-​​Cruz, and we had a nice chat before class, when I told him of my his­tory of lower back pain and what I had been doing to treat it. I was fear­ful that I might over­load my lower back because of the inten­sive nature of the ses­sion, but it was the oppo­site. I came out really tired, pushed to my extreme, but my back felt fine. I don’t think I “cured” my lower back pain, but I did come to release into it and accept it as a given in my prac­tice. I learned I had to lis­ten to it atten­tively and patiently — and apply that les­son to the rest of my body.