The James River valley as backdrop

I don’t think my wife is going to like the photograph because we had some funny things happening with the shadows on our faces, but the point is the marvelous view from the Lotus Conference Center at Yogaville. On the left, you can see the Light of Truth Universal Shrine or Lotus Temple, a white dome structure. We missed the full fall foliage by about a week, I think, but the vista was still breathtaking. I am sure that Kimberly will provide better shots of the group as a whole.

To make up for the bad lighting in the first photo, here’s a pic of my wife at the gateway of the LOTUS Temple. It’s part of the Satchidananda Ashram or Yogaville. It’s a large and active community that has affiliates around the United States and the world. Satchidananda, the founding holy man, died two years ago and is buried here. The motif of temple architecture as a wedding cake runs through Hindu culture — see the Art of Living Foundation’s Bangalore temple, for instance. I’m not sure what it means.