Yoga Gateway

The Web and yoga make a nice match: yoga thrives on a spirit of ser­vice, and the Web wel­comes no-​​ (or low-​​) cost resources. After all, yoga’s sacred texts have been around for cen­turies, if not mil­len­nium, so the orig­i­nal copy­right has run out. I have listed these resources because they have been use­ful to me. The list is incom­plete, tran­si­tory and slanted towards the begin­ner. I plan on improv­ing the list grad­u­ally, but it will never be comprehensive.

Photo: young women in Chatarunga pose on yoga mat

It’s hard to be con­sis­tent across all the clas­si­fi­ca­tion meth­ods used to lay out these resources. A resource site may also sell props, books and CDs. A yoga studio’s site might also serve as a spe­cific approach or a teacher train­ing pro­gram. An online store may also have ref­er­ence arti­cles. Hope­fully, my expla­na­tions will clar­ify and enrich the selection.

Note: I make spotty use of the acronym tag and title attribute to add clar­ity to some of the eso­teric terms that pre­dom­i­nate in yoga speak. San­skrit is the source of most yoga ter­mi­nol­ogy so lots of names are not of house­hold use. Just float your cur­sor over the under­scored text. I may also use an inline icon to draw atten­tion to addi­tional information.


Yoga Por­tals

Sites have emerged that pro­vide ser­vices like studio/​teacher direc­to­ries, online forums, and resources, but they are also gen­er­at­ing cash flow by sell­ing yoga props, CDs, books and other mer­chan­dise. Those sites that are exclu­sively retail are on my Tracks page. I am also try­ing to sep­a­rate approaches and stu­dios to other sections.

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