A new ethnic voice on the yoga scene

Kavita Das published an opinion piece about the distance developing between yoga in the Western world and the South Asian community. She’s also concerned that it is losing its spiritual dimension.

Quartz Any practice of yoga that isn’t spiritual isn’t really yoga
“Recently, I attended a panel discussion to launch the South Asian American Perspectives on Yoga in America (SAAPYA), a new initiative that seeks to restore yoga’s South Asian heritage. Specifically, the group was founded to provide a “platform and network for the voices of yoga teachers and students from across the South Asian diaspora.” Among its findings: a survey of more than two years worth of yoga journals yielded no South Asians on covers or articles authored by South Asians. Similarly, at a major yoga conference, out of 64 presenters, only seven of them were people of color. Of them, three were of South Asian origin; none was a woman.”

SAAPYA has a website, a blog, a Facebook page and a fundraising page. It’s intriguing that this movement seems to be started by India women, who have traditionally taken a backseat in yoga’s resurrection. Also see an article in Colorlines.com about the event that Kavita mentions. There is also a full video recording of the panel mentioned above.