Can 15 million Americans be wrong about yoga?

Beyond the Mat: Yoga Stretches Out: ‘Fusion’ Makes the Lotus Position Passe. Washington Post, August 29.

“What used to be the domain of the granola-and-Birkenstock fringe has turned into a hypercommercialized industry for the masses. The lotus position has given way to an explosion of fusion classes that hyphenate yoga with every imaginable exercise and body part. The rolled-up mat of the old days has morphed into a multibillion-dollar market of clothing lines, books, videos, music, lessons, props and accessories. It’s yogis gone wild at the gym.”

This is a long feature piece about the explosion of yoga and pseudo-yoga hybrids in the fitness market. It tracks the rise of these new breeds nd encroachments into popular culture. For instance, YogaFit gets a lot of play in the story.

Some yogis are offended by the popularization of yoga. I say, it’s all good: whatever it takes to get people started down the path. The cute, trendy techniques will last as long as the crowds come. Hopefully, more yoga shops starting up will increase the possibility of me getting a little more elbow room in my classes. With more legitimacy as a health tool, yoga will also get more serious research to underscore its benefits and hold down the hype.