Escalation in the “Christians can’t practice yoga” theological war

New York Times Stretching and Bending With a Holy Twist jumps into the “Jesus-and-yoga-don’t-mix” dispute. This is a blog is a monthly feature written by Lizette Alvarez about the New York yoga scene so the reporter gets into the practice and gives her opinion:

As I leaned my own body into a triangle pose in Ms. Russell’s class at St. Paul’s, I harbored no doubts about the power of yoga to deepen faith: the peace, the discipline, even the occasional suffering help make room for gratitude, compassion and humility. It’s not just your body that feels lighter. It’s your soul.

I am sure that Southern Baptist theologians would find the appraisals of this account as insufficiently founded in the Scriptures, thus disqualifying them as anything but a pagan rite. And the fact that the New York Times is propagating the news makes it even more satanic. Laying it on even thicker, this particular Christian yoga session takes place in a Catholic church so it goes without saying.