Featured treatment of macho yoga

I don’t have much time right now to critique this article from the NYTimes Magazine about Diamond Dallas Page and his macho version of yoga:

The Rise of Beefcake Yoga
Together, Page and Aaron developed a hybrid of Ashtanga, a popular “power” yoga, and Iyengar, a more therapeutic form. Page added some strength-building moves for key muscles groups — the quads, the core — and also built in traditional calisthenics, including push-ups. He incorporated something he calls “dynamic resistance,” which calls for engaging all of the body’s muscles and then moving against that tension. And he tried to avoid all that namaste stuff. “That’s the first thing that makes people go, ‘That’s too froufrou,’ ” he says. “There’s certain yoga terminology that I don’t use. I want to make people laugh.”

The American mixing bowl or melting pot or whatever else you want to label it is introducing new influences into yoga practice. More are on the way. Whatever floats your boat seems to be the rule.